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Kathy Vivian is a qualified garden designer trained at Capel Manor College.

As a homeowner you will have your own individual requirements for your garden.  All gardens also have their own unique combination of outlook, available light, soil type, etc. Kathy uses her garden design skills to create a bespoke design solution that fits your garden but also, most of all, meets your wishes.  She never forgets that you need a garden that you can be happy in.

We would like to thank you very much for your excellent garden design at x xxxxxxx xxx.  You had the vision to look past the claustrophobic layout that was here previously and incorporated our ideas as well.

The detailed plan which you produced created a garden which is both open and interesting.  It makes our small garden look larger, even though we have added a large conservatory.

J & M, Gerrards Cross

A well laid-out garden makes the best use of the available space and enhances a home.  Sympathetically designed areas and structures with carefully selected materials help to create a harmonious whole.

Even just changing the planting can transform a garden. Different shapes and textures add interest and plants can be used to create a mood, such as by providing scent or movement, or giving a feeling of enclosure and privacy.

Plants can’t just be chosen for their looks; it is important that they suit the conditions of the garden if they are to thrive.  Kathy uses her knowledge of plants to choose the best for each situation.

Kathy has degrees in environmental sciences and has had a life-long interest in the natural world.  For many homeowners, their closest contact with wildlife is through their gardens and this is a source of pleasure to many people. A recent survey carried out jointly by the RSPB and Rightmove found that 9 out of 10 people in the United Kingdom were happy when they saw wildlife in their garden. They also found that two-thirds of UK homebuyers would consider paying more for a house with a wildlife-friendly garden. Kathy can help you create a garden that is functional, beautiful and more wildlife-friendly.

Kathy is a garden designer based in Uxbridge on the western edge of London. She has so far worked on projects in London, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. She is happy to consider interesting garden design projects in other areas too.